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Marianne” is a Sydney (Australia) born and based singer /songwriter. Her songs are heart-felt and emotive, with vocal harmonies and varied instrumental styles and influences. In 1996, she became involved in the Entertainment Industry, performing in a cappella groups including “The Contemplators” (Contemporary originals and covers) and the “Elementals” (Gospel). Collectively, they performed at venues such as The Basement (Sydney), The Sydney Opera House, Star City, as well as at Festivals, Private and Corporate functions. Marianne travelled to America in 1997, as a choir member of “The Australian Gospelaires”, performing in New Orleans, and at the “The Jasper Festival” in Birmingham, Alabama.

Writing poetry and songs have been important forms of self – expression for Marianne since childhood. In 1987 she began playing guitar and concentrating on her original music. In 1999 she commenced recording her debut album, “The Truth”, which was completed in 2000 and re-released in 2008. It is a collection of sixteen original songs written over a thirteen year period, in the genres of Pop, Rock, Ballads, Blues and Country. “The Truth” tells a story of human emotions through relationships, from naivety through to self-love and spirituality.

If you would like to listen to samples of  “The Truth” CD please click here, or if you are interested in buying or downloading the CD from CD-Baby please click here.

Marianne was elected for Writer Full Membership by APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) in November 2000. To improve her song writing and technical skills, Marianne entered a Graduate Diploma of Music (Audio) in 2005, from which she graduated in 2007. She is presently working on a Contemporary CD of original songs, as well as a Children’s CD and book.

As part of her exciting live performances, Marianne co-founded and co-produced “A Woman’s Voice” in 2007. This is a group of female Sydney based singers, who have joined together for a show which includes a combination of original and cover music, in an eclectic blend of genres including Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz and Gospel. Live and acoustic, “A Woman’s Voice” has a band comprised of a pianist, a percussionist(s), a backing vocalist(s), and a guest guitarist. They played to packed audiences in their debut shows in November 2007 at Bar Me, a licensed restaurant at Kings Cross, Sydney (in the old El Rocco Nightclub).

The skills acquired through her eclectic past studies are being utilized in her business, “C Change Music Pty Ltd”, which offers live entertainment, song writing (music and/or lyrics), backing tracks, manuscript and transcription services. Marianne’s qualifications include The Master of Education (Administration & Management) at Sydney University, Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Multicultural Education) majoring in Linguistics, and a Diploma of Teaching (Primary) majoring in Theatre Arts. She is also a trained and experienced High School Careers Adviser.

Marianne” will be continuing her performances in and around Sydney, accompanied by a backing singer(s), a pianist, a percussionist(s), and as required a guest guitarist(s). She has a powerful voice, a diverse range of covers and original songs, and a relaxed yet enticing stage presence.

“Marianne” is also the author and publisher of ‘The Adventures of Mazzy Mookameyer – Storybook, released as a hard copy book in 2013, & also available in Kindle, iBooks and PDF formats – and .mobi. She is presently working on 12 original songs for ‘The Adventures of Mazzy Mookameyer – Music’ CD and downloads, as well as ‘The Adventures of Mazzy Mookameyer – Songbook’, and ‘The Adventures of Mazzy Mookameyer – Learn to Play Piano.’

In 2013 “Marianne”  was awarded a Professional of the Year in Authorship: Education, by the Worldwide Who’s Who in New York; New York. For a summary of “Marianne’s” ventures, please see the video below.


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